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Our Story


Blossom Blends is a boutique tea shop that was conceived from the memory of cosy shared moments over a refreshing cuppa around the kitchen table. Created by Anne McWilliam and inspired by her beloved grandmother Nan Mac, Blossom Blends is a bespoke collection of tea blended using only the finest tea, herbs, flowers and fruit sourced and hand-picked from around the globe.
Nan Mac was the centre of Anne’s family and, from her charming homestead ‘Chardonnay’ in the sleepy country town of Hanwood in NSW, would share her thoughts, wit and charm over a delicious cup of tea with her family on their Sunday visits. Blossom Blends is an indulgence of small pleasures and reminiscent of country comfort and intimate moments. As Nan Mac would only accept the very best, Blossom Blends represents superior quality, handcrafted and distinctively packaged in eclectic 50s inspired packaging and sealed in tin canisters – a joy on the shelf and a nod to Nan Mac’s vision of the art of tea.
Blended and packaged in Australia, the Blossom Blends collection has been carefully infused to delight and inspire the most sophisticated palette with a symphony of flavours. As well as a focus on quality, Blossom Blends is dedicated to exploring the natural health benefits of tea and to promote wellbeing. A Little Pick Me Up will refresh and revitalise while Complexion Perfection helps to promote your youthful glow. For an energy boost and improved focus, Get Up and Go Go is the perfect blend while Coconut Rush is reminiscent of a tropical island escape.
Distinguished by its exquisite taste and timeless quality, Blossom Blends offers you and your loved ones a simple, natural and uplifting experience. Explore the range and indulge your senses.
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