Spring is here! Almost :)

Spring is here! Almost :)

Hi Tea Lovers!

Well Spring is almost here and I am happy to say that I am sticking with my resolutions made eariler this month to drop some weight and tone up just in time for Summer!

So far I have lost another 2kg (roughly averaging 1kg a week) to have a total drop of 4kgs so far with the help of Body Beautiful, On The Wagon, Walking 30 minutes a day and trying to eat as healthy as I can :) Don't worry, I have definetly fallen off the wagon many times, Wagon Wheels, Snack Chocolate, Tina Wafers, and Chips are my worst enemy and often I have found myself at around 3pm walking up to the IGA and grabbing a guilty pleasure only to feel more guilty after eating it! Thankfully, binge attacks are getting less and less and I think four things have really helped, which I thought I might share just in case they could help you! Of course, if you are looking to lose weight it is good idea to get advice from your Doctor first, I have just found that these things are working for me. :)

1) Eat regular meals and trying to focus more on proteins then on carbs (every 3hrs). 

2) Do exercise first thing in the morning that way it is done and dusted.

3) When hungry first make a cup of tea (Blossom Blends of course!) as sometimes hunger can be confused with thirst. I also have a cup of tea as a snack and when bored or procrastinating.

4) Buddy up with a friend and keep yourself accountable. Dunja and I have a 'Fitness and Fabulosity Calendar' on the fridge in which we write down our daily exercise and food. It is pretty simple, common entries include 'Food good, exercise bad', Food Excellent, Exercise Excellent' and so on. This has definetly helped me stick to my goal!

5) Consistency is key and 80% of my weight loss I have put down to monitoring food intake.

If you have any tips I would love to hear them! Summer is 3 months away so am focused and staying on track to meet my goal, if you have a simlar goal I would love to hear from you!

Take care and talk soon, Anne

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2 Comments To "Spring is here! Almost :)"
Anne (Blossom Blends) - 11/09/2012

Hi Anoushka, I agree, it is very difficult to work from home (I can imagine as well for the stay at home mums out there) and not get trapped into the, 'I will just go down and check out the fridge or kitchen cupboard for a break'! I work from home most days and feel like I have to be very disciplined - even to the point of setting a alarm for breaks (did this for a couple of days until it drove me nuts!) lol. The tea has really helped me stay on track, first point of call now when I feel bored/snack time, but I totally agree that protein keeps you full and will definitely try the protein shake at 3pm to get me through my vulnerable time - will absolutely check out the banana smoothie flavour because I slipped up a couple of times last week, ugh!!!! Thankyou so much for your feedback, it's great to hear that you love the website. Will also be adding some new blends this week which will be perfect for summer. Have a fabulous week xo
Anoushka - 11/09/2012

I agree that a cup of tea is the way to go when feeling hungry. I work from home and it can be hard to resist the treats that I have to keep in the house for my half Belgian husband (Belgian chocolate of course, nothing else will do). In terms of tips I can highly recommend a Body protein shake at 3 pm to avoid those sweet cravings. I like the banana smoothie flavour. Keep up the good work Anne I love the website.

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