Our new range!

Our new range!

Hi Tea Lovers,

Wow, as you can see we have been super busy at Blossom Blends! I think I haver personally had over 1000 cups or sips of tea (at least!) to finalise the range. It was a difficult departure introducing something other then herbal tea which is so close to my heart. But it's funny you know, as I have been trying all of these different blends I have discovered many teas that I never thought I would like. For example, I have always disliked green tea, I have tried to drink it because of the health benefits but have struggled, the bitter taste is just not me. You can imagine how amazed I was when I discovered Gunpowder Green Tea, which is an ultra premium form of Green Tea where the leaves are tightly rolled into little pellets that expand on contact with hot water - it's delicious! I never thought I would be a Green Tea fan and am now wrapped that I have one that I love and is now part of Blossom Blends. I sign off on all the blends, and hand on heart I can not put something out there that I didn't like or is not of superior quality. First of all, I personally have to like it, and secondly I have to ask myself; would this pass the 'Nan Mac' test and then I have the answer! Happy to say that Nan Mac would absolutely give the thumbs up to our new collection, we are sure that she would be very proud.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our fabulous customers.  I just returned home from a talk on 'authentic self'. Yes, I really do try to keep an open mind (!) and it got me thinking. The more that we be us and follow our path the more success we have. I have had so many business advisers trying to give me advice on what to do with Blossom Blends, how it should be promoted etc and really I am finding just by following my intuition and doing what I love is working out for us. I am not sure there if there is some magic or karma or postive thinking or whatever, but the fact that we are attracting customers that love us and we love back really makes running this business a dream. I want to thank you for your support because without our fabulous customers like you there would be no Blossom Blends - we hope that you continue to enjoy our blends and we can't wait to hear what you think about our new collection! If you have any feedback, tea ideas or any comments would love to read them.

Take care and talk soon,

Anne x 

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