Hello Kochie!

Hello Kochie!

Blossom Blends has been featured on Kochie's Business Builders - 'The Online Beverage Revolution' in a article written by Mat Beeche.

It touches on my last career (which seems like a lifetime ago now - I promise I wasn't a shark haha) and on my vision for Blossom Blends particularly on creating an experience with my customers. As many of you know, I grew up in country NSW in a town called Griffith (about 600km from Sydney, Population 18000). It's a beautiful town with a strong community spirit in which everyone knows everyone. One of my early memories as a little girl was going to the butcher with Mum. There were quite a few butchers in Griffith but Mum's favourite was a little butcher in Yoogali (which similar to Hanwood where Nan Mac lived, is a little village outside of Griffith a five minute drive away with a population around 1000). Before Mum even crossed the street to enter the shop, the butcher already knew what mum wanted and was preparing the order before she had walked in the shop - lamb roast coming straight up!!! I used to find this fascinating as a little girl, and now I realise that although there were quite a few butcher shops in Griffith and surrounding villages, mum went out of her way and visited Yoogali as they had the best products, best customer service, reasonable prices that reflected the high quality of the products, knew what the customer wanted (in this case before they even walked into the shop!) and best of all service with a smile :) 

This is my vision for Blossom Blends. In this day and age, everyone is going jetsons but I think we actually need to be going flinstones - getting back to community, supporting local business and spending quality time with friends and family. I am sure I am getting RSI from hand writing the cards that go out with the orders but it is very important to personally thank every customer because having our teas packed with care with a personal touch is very important as I think it's something missing in todays world that we need back again xo

If you would like to read the article you can do so my clicking the below link - would love to know what you think of it!


Take care and talk soon,

Anne x

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