New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Happy new year tea lovers!

I know, I know it is a little bit late :) Wow - can you believe that it is almost February?! We have been busy planning the best year ever -January has been full of goal setting, planning and working out where we are going to take Blossom Blends next. It is all very exciting and we have big plans for this year, expect to see Blossom Blends in a shop near you soon. If you have any favourite shops that you think would be perfect for Blossom Blends please list them below and we will happily give them a go! 

My new nears resolution is to try and keep up with Blossom Blends crazy growth (and grow it even bigger!) whilst keeping a good work/life balance. I find balance very difficult. The pattern throughout my life is to work a million miles an hour before I collapse in a exhausted sleep for 3 days then go at it all again. This year I am going to plan in more time to see friends and slow down - it is just crazy how life can pass you by – particularly when you live in the city (because when I am in the country, it seriously feels like one day is equivalent to 3 days of city time!).

The thing that strikes me as crazy time was over December. I revel in the silly season, which I like to call from Melbourne Cup to New Years Eve (yes, i know this is almost a quarter of the year!). I tend to hibernate in winter and as soon as silly season and the warm weather comes I come out of my cocoon and celebrate. Last year was my first Blossom Blends Xmas and I was so incredibly busy with Christmas orders that I missed most of the Christmas parties and summer celebrations because I was either busy fulfilling orders or simply too tired to go. Don’t get me wrong, we loved having a busy Xmas but I should have realised that I couldn’t have coped with just 3 staff and should have asked for a lot more help – something that I will make sure will happen this year. Sometimes you realised you need to have more fun, and although Blossom Blends is a absolute pleasure to run, I realise I need to make time for family and friends – I’ve been working too much!  So here’s to more fun and balance (and also losing those pesky last 5kg - I've been drinking Body Beautiful everyday!) - will keep you updated with how I get on.

Do you set any new years resolutions? Do you have any tips on having a good  work/life balance, if so I would love you to share them with us :)

Take care and talk soon,

Anne x

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